Bypass Surgery

How and when Bypass Surgery is performed? Bypass surgery is a method used in the narrowing problem in coronary arteries. The vessels surrounding the heart are defined as coronary arteries and any deformation in these vessels leads to serious problems in the person. Bypass surgery in cardiovascular obstruction can be performed in both working and standing hearts. Usually, bypass surgery is a very risky operation. Bypass surgery is usually performed in cases requiring heart valve surgery, in one or more vessel obstructions and in cases where the coronary artery cannot be opened with balloon or stent. Before Bypass Surgery Bypass surgery is an application that treats the consequences of the vascular occlusion. People with risk factors prior to bypass surgery should maintain their lifestyles in a way that protects their heart health and should not interfere with routine controls. Otherwise, an infarction problem known as heart attack may occur and the patient's life is at risk.

An experienced doctor should be consulted before the bypass surgery and all necessary examinations should be performed. At the same time, the list of drugs used should be reported to the doctor and maximum precautions should be taken against the risk of infection during surgery. After Bypass Surgery The patient should apply radical changes in his life after the bypass surgery. Changing the lifestyle, leaving alcohol and smoking use, creating a lifestyle away from stress should be paid attention to nutrition. It is recommended that most of these activities are performed under the supervision of a doctor. It is common for the patient to experience psychological problems after bypass surgery. Professional assistance may be required in this case. At the same time, supportive nutrition program is recommended for the protection of heart health after surgery. Risks of Bypass Surgery There are many risks of bypass surgery. These risk factors are as follows; The gender of the patient How old is the patient Whether there were any problems with the heart before Whether there are any problems with heart valves Whether the patient's circulatory system and other systems are disturbed



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