Is Electronic Cigarette Effective in Quitting

Although electronic cigarettes are considered to be an aid in quitting smoking, The Lancet Respiratory Medicine basically says that the use of electronic cigarettes reduces the chance of quitting smoking. In 2007, the introduction of electronic cigarettes in the United States for the first time, electronic cigarette safety in terms of human health and quit smoking in a quarrel with a lot of work brought to the discussion. smoking electronic cigarette Some studies have put forward claims that electronic cigarettes have left traditional cigarette use, for example a study emphasized that electronic cigarettes are as effective as cigarettes to quit smoking.

Based on the findings of the studies, the British National Health Service (NHS) approved the electronic cigarette, e-Voke, produced by British American Tabacco. This means that in the United Kingdom, doctors can now recommend electronic cigarettes to help stop smoking. However, despite all these developments, many health professionals are not convinced that electronic cigarettes are effective in quitting smoking. For example, last year (USPSTF) stressed that there is not enough scientific evidence to recommend such tools for ending the traditional dependence of e-cigarettes. This study of the USPSTF, in addition to this result, also says that e-cigarettes reduce the likelihood of smoking a cigarette addict.



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