What is Guilt Psychology

The limits of the concept of guilt psychology could not be precisely drawn. This branch of psychology deals with the psychology of criminal proceedings, judge, witnesses, and witness statements, but in the narrow sense it explores the spiritual life of the offender and the conditions and patterns of guilt-related acts. In terms of the method, three paths follow: Examine the spiritual life of extraordinary offenses or offender, the conditions and motives of the acts of guilt. Three methods follow in terms of the method: Investigation of the definition of extraordinary offenses or criminals; showing the relationships of crimes in terms of age, gender, season, alcohol consumption; investigation of a large number of biological and sociological aspects suitable for generalization. The consequences of guilt psychology are important in terms of the provision of provisions, the fulfillment of penalties, the reintegration of the perpetrator into the community organism and the general analysis of criminality. According to the guilt psychology, the causes of guilt are the conditions inherited in the first plan. Or the effects of the environment are more important. In our time, the enlightenment of this problem is not considered important.

Because, in many obvious cases, both elements have played a role. In addition, it is dominant that both natural methods and the environment are not important in such actions and there are other reasons leading to crime. The guilt psychology, therefore, refers to the factors and conditions that make it easier not to be guilty of criminality (some conditions of psychopathy, mischief, disruption of the family order, rot in the working conditions, and the disorder of the social situation). As a rule, a crime cannot be attributed to a single factor; There are many motifs related to this very time. It should be noted that some child crimes can be better understood in the context of psychological phenomena deeper than relying on the foundations of guilt psychology. Because they are often one of many symptoms of developmental disorders. Education is more effective than punishment. The knowledge of modern youth crimes tries to take this principle as far as possible.



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