How to Quit Smoking

The hazards of smoking - Harmful substances such as nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide inside your cigarette, destroy your respiratory tract and lungs. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood, leading to an increase in the amount of cholesterol in the blood vessels and inviting heart attacks. -It can cause bleeding in the food pipe and stomach. - Causes bladder cancer in men. - Causes cancer in the pancreas.

- It causes odor, tooth and gum disease. - Blows the senses of taste and smell. - It causes Alzheimer's disease by opening the brain that kills cells. - Increases cataract formation in eyes. - Causes excessive fatigue, stress and insomnia in the body. -It leads to instability and reduces sperm quality. -It breaks the skin. - Causes bone deficiency - If smoking is smoked by pregnant women, up to 15% weight loss and lack of intelligence are seen in infants. -Prostate leads to cancer. Why is it so difficult to quit smoking? Smoking, in addition to the physical addiction caused by the substances contained in it creates psychological dependence. With the support of the companies that produce cigarettes, the consumption of cigarettes in movies or advertisements encouraging young people has led people to identify themselves with the film heroes on the occasion of smoking. People who quit smoking get used to nicotine deficiency in a short period of time, people who consume cigarette smoking in social environments feel the sense of deprivation with nicotine deficiency. However, these people have already defeated their physical needs; they are now in the psychological war phase. What to do when quitting smoking? First of all, set yourself an important date (if possible on holiday) and write them in huge letters. You're free to smoke until this date, then you'll be more free by quitting smoking. Find and order a gift (phone, computer, perfume, etc.) that you intend to buy for a long time, but because it is expensive. If possible, do not open the box until the day you quit smoking, leave it in the middle of a place to open the package in every vision to increase your excitement. Take a pack of nicotine patches according to the level of your cigarette consumption and leave them on top of your gift package. This will transmit the message to your subconscious. The last day is for smoking until he hates smoking. Not for the sake of you, for one after the other, until you are thoroughly annoyed. Keep one cigarette at the end, do not drink.



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