Smoking and Health

This article has not been written on the harms of smoking, so as not to miss the enjoyment of smokers. However, one of the consequences of living under intense stress is the increase in cigarette consumption. If you smoke more, it increases the load on your already tired body and suppresses your immune system. As a result, the body is able to accept any disease more easily. Many smokers complain about the difficulty of their daily lives, rather than accepting that they cannot quit smoking. However, the real problem of the majority of people is smoking. Smokers started smoking in young adults, usually in adolescence or immediately after puberty. At this age, "losing health" and "death" are far from the person as the facts of life. Smoking among adolescents is a measure of the independence represented by adulthood and adulthood. Cigarettes burned occasionally to accommodate the group mask the shyness of young adolescents and their self-esteem against social life.

The occasional way of drinking cigarettes as a lip addict and becoming a serious smoker is gradually passed through without realizing it. If you are a smoker and have children, stop smoking and be a good example. If you smoke in an environment where your children are, remember that you seriously harm their health. It is a common finding of many studies that the parents of children who smoke are more likely to catch all kinds of respiratory and lung diseases. Other studies have determined that one out of every two smokers will lose their lives due to smoking-related causes. From 2030 onwards, 10 million people worldwide are at risk of developing a deadly disease. In developing countries, 70% of deaths will occur due to smoking.



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