Surgical Treatment of Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence or urinary incontinence problems are important problems that affect social life negatively. Urinary incontinence problems, which occur as urinary leakage from the bladder due to increase in pressure in the abdomen such as sneezing, coughing or straining, is a problem encountered in women in general. This picture, which also manifests itself in many people with urinary incontinence, causes social and hygienic problems. Urinary incontinence problems occur outside women's own control, especially after menopause period. This problem, which has a big health problem, needs to be sensitive and treatment should be improved by treatment methods. Urinary incontinence problems are usually manifested by the sagging of the genital organs. For this reason, corrective pelvic surgery, ie, inde Surgical treatment method in urinary incontinence problem rar is a type of treatment used in this disease. Surgical treatment methods are preferred especially for the complaints of urinary incontinence due to connective tissue, weakness and sagging. Treatment According to Urinary Incontinence Types

In order to determine the treatment methods to be used in urinary incontinence problems, urinary incontinence type should be determined first. Thus, effective treatment results are obtained with different treatment approaches to each type of urinary incontinence problem and then, if surgical treatment method is required in case of urinary incontinence problem. Stress urinary incontinence is the most common urinary incontinence problem in women. It occurs especially during coughing or exercise moments. Jamming urinary incontinence table; The need to go to the emergency toilet is felt and because it is strong, urinary incontinence cannot reach the toilet. Table of mixed incontinence is a mixed type of incontinence and stress type urinary incontinence. In cases of coughing or sneezing, there is a sudden feeling of urgency associated with urinary incontinence. Small amounts of urine leakage occur in the case of overflow of urine incontinence, without urination at the time of urine deposition above the bladder capacity. In some cases, urine leakage is not recognized. Type urinary incontinence is the only type of urinary incontinence problem. Urinary Incontinence Treatment Urine Incontinence Problem Before the surgical treatment, urinary incontinence types should be evaluated and determined by a specialist. Thus, it should be decided whether surgical treatment or other methods of urinary incontinence should be applied to the patient. There are alternative treatment methods in urinary incontinence problems. Kegel exercises, drug therapies and botox injections, Gynecological Laser are other options that are applied in addition to surgical treatment. Surgical treatment Particularly in the bladder sags, the problem of sagging with vaginal approach is eliminated by surgical intervention and urinary incontinence is terminated. However, it should be noted that this method is not applied to every patient unfortunately. While determining this method; The general condition of the patient, mobility of the urethra, the factors causing the complaints of urinary incontinence, type of urinary incontinence, preoperative urodynamic parameters and the complications that may occur after the surgical technique are determined. As a result, the patient is determined by a surgical experience whether the patient is eligible or not. There are a number of surgical techniques used in urinary incontinence or urinary incontinence problems. Among these techniques, many techniques are used such as the incision of the bladder neck with the incision made from the abdomen and the needle fixation process through the vagina. The main and most important goal in these operations is to eliminate the problems that cause leakage in the urinary tract and to return the urinary tract to normal. Therefore, muscles are strengthened in surgical operations.



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